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Models and Offers from the Zoffoli Collection

mappamondo-barThe world globes in the Zoffoli collections have long been known for the fine craftsmanship with which they are produced and the great variety of models available. All the charm of antique maps is brought to life once more in a range of ornamental furnishing accessories designed for lovers of vintage furniture with a preference for the classic.

Zoffoli wooden planet globe collections are known all over the world, especially the exclusive line of bar globes. The craftsmanship and attention to detail characteristic of these globes Made in Italy join with the outstanding functional aspect of a high-class furnishing accessory. Inside each wooden globe in the Zoffoli bar globe collection is a specially-designed drinks tray, ready to welcome and amaze your guests on every occasion.

Every bar globe we make is available for purchase in the dedicated online window. Zoffoli world globes are easy to consult and to purchase: just one click will open our dedicated user-friendly e-commerce sales system.

Love of traditional craftsmanship and faithful reproduction of antique maps can come to life in your home with an exclusive high-prestige furnishing accessory. Have you already seen the amazing variety of our bar globes? Visit our website to discover other models and other items in our collection.