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Exploring the world

Cartography is indeed an ancient science, which down through the ages has been perfected to a fine art. Attention to minimum detail and the love of style have evolved over time to produce high quality workmanship and precision in the form of globes.

Zoffoli carries on the tradition of a family of expert craftsmen, bringing into your homes over 40 years of experience in the creation of excellent globes. The mastery that distinguishes our furniture and accessories is combined with a keen eye for modern technological solutions and the use if avant-garde material.

Zoffoli invites you to explore its wide range of collections, in search of your ideal world, on a journey that joins the head and the heart.

Evolution in motion

Zoffoli has deep roots in an impassioned, tenacious past with acknowledgements received in the field of miniatures and cartography. in 1963, Italo Zoffoli, the head of a generation of expert craftsmen, reaped the fruits of his dedication and commitment to producing globes when his company came to the attention of the Italian media and obtained important results.

His sons then took over the running of the company, moving towards a serialized production maintaining the same commitment to style and detail. Today, true representations of sixteenth century maps are still produced in Italy with the same passion of Italo Zoffoli’s initial craft.

Shops in Milan, Turin, Florence and Naples continue to be a prestigious display case of our products, which stand out for their workmanship. We have also completely revamped our website which will be constantly updated on our ever evolving world. Just like Zoffoli’s creations.

Why Zoffoli globes?

“The world is a book that can be read only by those who know how to read”.

Nothing like a globe can give you the awareness of a united and cosmopolitan planet. Imagining yourself in far-off lands and dreaming of traveling the world is easy when you glide your finger over a map but technology and evolution now require precise coordinations of the earth’s movements.

What point of our plant is at the center of attention? What place are we communicating with in real time? If the world is an open book just waiting to be discovered, Zoffoli globes, with their excellent design and craft, are the perfect means of exploration.