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mappamondoA world globe, whether educational or political, is the most popular and intuitive accessory for understanding our planet easily and immediately. Just one quick look at a desk globe will give you places and destinations and allow you to trace imaginary journeys simply at a touch. The world at your fingertips!


The Zoffoli family has kept all the magic of these exclusive furnishing accessories, combining the long experience of traditional craftsmen with innovative techniques for the production of world globes.

Zoffoli products are noted for the “Classica” and “Geographica” collections, designed to offer excellence both in world maps functioning as elegant furnishing accessories and in political and educational globes with detailed, up-to-date maps.
The planet we inhabit is ever more globalised and in a state of constant evolution; consequently a Zoffoli globe is a real treasure, enriching not only the room where it is placed but also our view of the world we live in.

If you are looking for a finely detailed world globe and an element of elegant modern design, take a look at our collections and find the world which best reflects your tastes.