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Zoffoli globes are born from a long tradition of craftsmanship, handed down from father to son for 3 generations. The company, a leader in its field since 1949, produces furniture accessories with vintage charm and modern design. The history of the Zoffoli brand and our diverse range of products has allowed us to become established internationally.

Very soon, Zoffoli globes started being famous in domestic market for their originality. In a while the small craftsmanship workshop became a real industrial activity. Later on, the generations after continued Company’s development till nowadays, where knowledge and craftsmanship melt to the most modern technologies.

The Company, leader in its field, boasts an entirely “Made in Italy” production of internally projected and realized items with the support of its technical expertise. Today Zoffoli has an international clientele who estimates its quality/design and who grew up together with the Company.

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