Universal Globe

The “Universal Globe” Collection brings back to life the geographical knowledge of 17th and 18th centuries recalling the sketches of Dutch cartographers who drew from the reports of transoceanic navigators such as Barents, Le Maire, Tasman and Roggeveen. Other cartographic inputs of the same era but of different origins, have added to the sketch remote and cartographically vague places such as much of Tartaria, the sub-polar zone of North America and the Australian eastern coasts, leaving instead a fuzzy blanket in correspondence of “unknown land” of the Arctic and Antarctic. The prevalence of Latin place names has been preserved, which gave a universal imprint to the cartography. The drawing reproduces the ornamental and mythological motifs of that period. The sailing ships are a copy of those, which, after many years of scientific restraint, showed the actual roundness of the world, leading to the recovery of the geographical three-dimensionality that only the globe can offer to the human eye.

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