View of London

View of London

View of London Author: Probst Dimensions: 106 x 35 cm 
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Product description

The capital of the largest and richest political and commercial empire in the world: that's what London was in the eighteenth century. In this perspective view of the time we can see an already modern metropolis that, although it cannot boast the monumental aspect of other great European capitals, such as Vienna and Paris, still manages to impress the traveler. And certainly the British capital hits the designer Bernhard Werner, who decides to further emphasize the grandeur of his symbolic buildings, which are erected in the midst of London homes. The Thames is the master of this canvas, not to mention the St. Paul’s Cathedral, consecrated in 1697, which gives the whole city a Baroque appearance. Impressive the number of remarkable buildings reported by the double legend in English and German.

Our canvases are printed with a hand-press. For this reason, due to their completely handmade nature, it may take more than 10 days for the product to be produced. Each canvas is also available with watercolor coloring by hand.

Technical specifications


106 x 35 cm