View of Venice

View of Venice

View Of Venice Author: Probst Dimensions: 106 x 40 cm 
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Product description

The perspective view of Venice amazes and enchants. In front of our eyes we have the majestic Piazza San Marco, the Ducal Palace, the Island of San Giorgio, the Grand Canal and the unmistakable skyline of this unique city, bordered on one side by the Giudecca canal and on the other by the Canale of San Marco. Also in this case, as in the many other perspective views of Italian cities, Werner has filtered the view according to the German taste, a feature which, together with the elegance of the line, makes his views truly unique.

Techniques from the 18th century have been used to reproduce this work. Finely engraved plates and an antique manual press were used giving this work its fundamental characteristic that ties it to the past: Engraving. The paper used for engraving is 100% cotton and  it undergoes a delicate and important  aging process using only natural substances.

The watercoloring is done by expert  artists in their field who give the work subtle hues and a harmonious composition of colors resulting in a pleasant scenic or stage effect.

For this reason, due to its completely handmade nature, it may take more than 10 days for the production. 

Technical specifications


106 x 40 cm