View of Verona

View of Verona

These canvases are born from our passion for cartography. Historical reproductions, handcrafted to create unique and effective furnishing elements. We have made reproductions of antique prints, wonderful perspective views of some historic Italian and European cities and ancient planispheres. These products are engraved using a hand press, and reproduced on pure cotton paper. The colour version is entirely hand painted by our precious craftsmen who, with care and dedication, make each reproduction unique. 
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Product description

View of Verona

Author: Probst

Located between the Alps and the Apennines, this center has always fascinated the visitor's eye, and the perspective view of Verona sketched by Werner in the eighteenth century and printed by Probst highlights all its main features. Verona, the romantic city par excellence, at that time began to be associated with the Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. The majestic Ponte di Pietra, the tall bell tower of the basilica of Santa Anastasia, the medieval tower of the Lamberti: the eyes flows between one monument and another. 

Techniques from the 18th century have been used to reproduce this work. Finely engraved plates and an antique manual press were used giving this work its fundamental characteristic that ties it to the past: Engraving. The paper used for engraving is 100% cotton and it undergoes a delicate and important aging process using only natural substances.

The watercoloring is done by expert artists in their field who give the work subtle hues and a harmonious composition of colors resulting in a pleasant scenic or stage effect.

Our canvases are printed with a hand press and are produced only to order. It takes about 7 days for black and white production and about 14 days for color production.

*Each canvas is available, with a price increase, even with watercolor coloring, always made by hand by our craftsmen.

Attention: the canvases arrive unframed.

Technical specifications


106 x 40 cm


Pure cotton paper on pure cotton canvas