Antique Canvases

In this category of our online shop we present you with two main types of products: on the one side the meticulous reproductions of ancient prints that, by tracing the lastest geographical discoveries, drew the boundaries, forms and shapes of the known world from time to time.; on the other side, admirable perspective wiews of Italian and European cities, small cartographic-artistic pearls that bring us back to history. In these pages therefore, you will find ancient planispheres drawn by the best geographical ateliers of past centuries, on the wave of the adventurous sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century adventurers. You will also find admirable maps of our country, sometimes reported in forms and styles extremely distant from our feelings, but for this reason exceptionally fascinating.

The subjects are printed using zinc plates and a hand press which gives the products one of their main and unmistakable qualities: engraving.

The whole is embellished with the use of pure cotton paper and is combined with the assembly on pure cotton canvas.