Geometrically Perfect

Zoffoli has always designed and built maps showing where you live and where you dream to go. With the Cube globe we wanted to give you a new perspective, to give a new life to your dreams.

Cube Design Desk Globe
  • Cube Design Desk Globe
  • Cube Design Desk Globe
  • Cube Design Desk Globe
Cube Design Desk Globe
Cube Design Desk Globe Cube Design Desk Globe Cube Design Desk Globe


A highly geometric design, Cube is a piece of furniture of absolute impact and very suggestive.
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Product description

The small desk globe Cube is a design object that you will never get tired of looking at and studying, and that will always give you something new. It is in fact a fundamentally eccentric artifact, which rethinks the concept of globe itself, whitout betraying its nature. After all, our company, that has been dealing with globe artisan production since the middle of the last century, without ever getting tired of looking for new shapes, new materials, new ways and new ideas to elegantly represent our planet. A modern and eccentric globe, the Cube is desinged to intrigue the collector and to amaze the enthusiast.

The Structure

The high craftsmanship and undoubted quality of the materials used, added to the idea, provide an object of geometrically perfect design. The solid frame in which the sphere is located is fully realized in solid carefully refined walnut wood: from here the axis that, diagonally crossing the square, supports the globe, comes off giving life to a brand new way to discover our world. 

The Globe

The globe, is presented in a totally new structure, suspended diagonally within a frame that exceptionally emphasizes the sphere. 

Technical specifications


22 × 35 × 35 cm

Globe Material

Cellulose, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

22 cm

Structure Material

Walnut Solid Wood


Contemporary, Avio

Rotating globe sphere


Assembly Required