Precious Design

This floorstanding globe with its basic and clean shapes is unique in its kind. The polished chrome steel frame will glow of precious light your office or home. The sphere, coated with soft brown and turquoise leather, will warm up your winters. “Levante” is the ideal accessory for those who want to stand out.

  • Levante Floor globe with stainless steel base
  • Levante Floor globe with stainless steel base
Levante Floor globe with stainless steel base Levante Floor globe with stainless steel base


A refined collector's item, this globe is for the people who want to stand out in every detail.
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Product description

A refined collector's item and an exceptional furnishing item, Levante amazes in any aspect. Technique, science, craftsmanship, but especially, poetry and art, this item is the synthesis of the modern vision of our Zoffoli brand.

The structure

it is a solid frame in polished and chrome-plated steel that, through four pillars, rises from the ground to carry the sphere upwards, encircling it with a glossy shelf that intriguingly reflects the map.

The structure, that recalls that one of an elegant chrome brazier, the natural feeling of warmth that transmits the leather and, the particular colouring of the ocean: the floor standing globe Levante has been created to make your winter warmer, by giving an epicener in the environment in which will be inserted. 

The essential shapes, extremely modern and clean, of this structure, combined with the particular two-shade colouring of the map, make this globe a unique piece of its kind.

The Sphere

Already at first sight, the most expert observers will have noticed that this is an innovative and peculiar globe, an impression that is also confirmed by the touch.

Technical specifications


60 × 60 × 95 cm

Globe Material

Leather, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

40 cm

Structure Material

Stainless Steel


Contemporary, Brown / Turquoise

Rotating globe sphere




Assembly Required