Vega Noir

Vega Noir

Essential design and chromatic harmony
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Product description

Why did this floor standing globe get this particular name? Vega is the fifth brightest star in the sky, to emphasize the high aesthetic impact of this sought-after designed object. But that's not all: it has an oblate shape, similar to the one of our planet. We must not forget, therefore, that in the past Vega has often been used as a fundamental reference for zero magnitude. Well, Zoffoli have designed this elegant globe so that it can become your essential reference point. 

The structure

Before being enchanted by the globe, your attention should be directed to its peculiar supporting structure, profoundly modern and functional. We are talking about a globe with a 60 cm diameter which rotates on a double axis. All this allows a satisfying and a 360 degrees exploration, which leans on a solid aluminium meridian.


The stylistic and artistic aspect of this furnishing object does not cancel its educational component: the contemporary map is full of updated and detailed information. In this map, the updated cartography marries the design.

Technical specifications


74 × 74 × 131 cm

Globe Material

Cellulose, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

60 cm

Structure Material

Aluminium, Metal


Contemporary /Grey

Globe color


Rotating globe sphere

Yes, Duble Axis



Assembly Required