Vertigo Avio is a eye-catcher in every environment. A peculiarity of this piece of furniture is the coloring of the map: the motifs are in wood color in perfect chromatic consistency with the walnut structure.

  • Vertigo Floor-standing Design Globe
Vertigo Avio
Vertigo Floor-standing Design Globe

Vertigo Avio

Refined and classy, ​​this globe surprises at first glance.
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Product description

When we think about the word "Vertigo" we can only refer to the feeling that we have in front of great heights. Originally, however, this word was used especially to indicate the rotation of celestial bodies.

Galileo Galilei, for example, when writing about clouds, said that “they could be seen moving very fast, large and constant, carried by the earth's vertigo ".

It’s from this ancient and noble meaning that we have taken the inspiration to name this important floor standing globe, with a deep contemporary design: the free rotation of the sphere, in fact, wonderfully express the “vertigo” cited by the great Italian astronomer, father of the modern science.

The Structure

From a circular base in stainless steel, rises an elegant and solid wooden structure that, by tracing soft and essential lines, sustains – without imprisoning – the globe. 

The Map

The map presented in this globe, carefully updated by our geographers, is a contemporary map with avio colour. The lands of the map are in prefect chromatic harmony with the walnut structure. 

Technical specifications


75 × 60 × 130 cm

Globe Material

Cellulose, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

60 cm

Structure Material

Stainless steel, Solid walnut wood



Rotating globe sphere

Yes, Duble Axis



Assembly Required