Nettuno Laguna

Nettuno Laguna

Desk bar globe with internal drinks cabinet “Nettuno Laguna”

COD: Z.16.BV

Technical specifications

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Designed to be used as a mini-bar on a desk or table top, this globe has an inner compartment that can hold up to 9 glasses and 2 or 3 bottles.

The map is an accurate reproduction of a 16th Century cartography.

With the "Nettuno" globe you will surprise your guests by offering them drinks in a different way!

Bar accessories not included.


- Dimensions: 40 × 40 × 50 cm

- Sphere diameter: 40 cm, the inner compartment can accommodate up to 9 glasses and 2/3 bottles

- 16th century map

- Color: Laguna

Our Suggestions

- Designed to be placed on a shelf, desk or table

- It gives a touch of elegance to your living room or your office

- Ideal to accompany an aperitif or an after-dinner with friends or colleagues

- Decorate classic interiors, but does not exclude more modern locations

- Suitable for those who have small spaces (for a greater product enhancement we suggest placing it in a space of at least 60×60 cm)

- The “Nettuno” globe is also perfect as a gift idea to amaze.


Explorers, new worlds to discover, long sea journeys through foreign lands and seas never sailed. All the charm of ancient maps is contained in this accurate reproduction dated 1500, defined as the “Golden Age of Cartography” for the innovative contribution given by great cosmographer of the time like Waldeseemüller, Piri Reis, Frisus, Mercatore. This map is full of geographical references in line with the knowledge of the age and the interior of the globe is finely decorated with ancient iconographies and mythological characters. A cartography that combines an elegant style that tastes ancient and the historical accuracy of information.


Data sheet

Dimensions 40 x 40 x h 50 cm
Globe Material Cellulose, Polymer
Sphere Diameter 40 cm
Structure Material The base is from hand-painted MDF to give chestnut colour
Map XVI Century Map
Globe color Green
Drinks Cabinet Yes
Rotating globe sphere No
Movable No
Assembly Required Yes
Type Desk Bar Globes
Size Midsize



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