Vasco da Gama - Apricot

Vasco da Gama - Apricot

Floorstanding globe “Vasco Da Gama - Apricot”

COD: Z.920.09

Technical specifications

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Many were the great explorers who marked their time and the centuries to come. With their travels and discoveries, they changed the world of cartography and were a source of inspiration for travelers who came after them. From Colombo to Vespucci, their names are part of the collective memory. The Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama was the first European to reach India by crossing the Indian Ocean, connecting forever, by sea, East and West.

It is to pay homage to his extraordinary feat, considered a milestone in the history of the world, that we have created the Vasco Da Gama globe. A classic from our catalog, versatile par excellence: its sturdy beech wood structure and political map make it perfect for decorating and, why not, revisiting geography in honor of the famous explorer from which it takes its name.

Get ready to identify your next destination by closing your eyes and pointing your finger: Vasco Da Gama is ideal to fascinate young and old and attract the attention of your guests with its 115 cm that rise majestically.

In honor of the wonderful colors of India, so dear to him, we offer it in four different shades.

Vasco Da Gama Apricot

With its coppery tones ranging from apricot to chestnut, it is the right solution for decorating your classic and vintage environments. The warm, natural tones of wood and map are the touch of elegance you were looking for in your home. Bring the warmth of India to your home.


- Dimensions: 43 × 43 × h 115 cm

- Sphere diameter: 40 cm

- Updated political map

- Color: political apricot 

- Structure: central column made of beech wood, meridian in aluminum

Our suggestions

- Designed to decorate your office or living room in an original way

- Perfect for decorating modern and classic style environments

- Suitable for those who have small spaces (for a greater enhancement of the product we suggest placing it in a space of at least 60 x 60cm)

- The Vasco da Gama globe is also perfect as a gift idea to amaze.


The globe as a tool to understand, know and discover the world. The political map is a very detailed cartography for cities and nations, but also for many geographical references such as rivers, seas, oceans, lakes and mountains. To be noticed: every state has the name of the nation written in its own national language, with relative English translation. An original and interesting journey between world’s languages!


Data sheet

Dimensions 43 x 43 x h 115 cm
Globe Material Cellulose, Polymer
Sphere Diameter 40 cm
Structure Material Central leg in beech wood, The base is from hand-painted MDF to give chestnut colour, The meridian is in aluminum
Map Political
Globe color Apricot
Rotating globe sphere Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Size Midsize

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