Minimalist style Globes

Perfect for lovers of tidiness, the minimalist style reflects the changes and needs of our times, adopting green solutions that are mindful of social and environmental impact.

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All components are conceived, designed, assembled and manufactured in Italy, with the same authentic spirit since 1949.
Zoffoli globes are made and decorated by hand in Italy with the greatest care, starting from the painstaking selection of the raw materials.
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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

As its name implies, a minimalist style of décor is composed of clean, uncluttered lines and unobtrusive shapes. Perfect for lovers of tidiness, minimalism often uses only a few colours and sometimes only black and white. Minimalist furnishings are reduced to the bare essentials.

This style meets two specific needs:

  • reducing the overload of decorations, shapes and colours to which we are subjected on a daily basis;
  • adopting green solutions that do not have a significant impact on the environment.

This second challenge is solved by favouring furniture that is produced in a sustainable manner and by adopting intelligent lighting solutions.

It is a style, therefore, that has an eye for modernity and favours functionality over aesthetic beauty.

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