“Bridge” is the new globe of the Zoffoli catalogue. A unique desk model that will transform your everyday life.

The keyword of this new globe is the one that has accompanied us for years: innovation.

We have always invested to improve our globes and make them unique, experimenting with new printing techniques, water-based paints and sustainable materials.

However, this time we decided to raise the level, developing a model able to collect our historical heritage projecting it into the future. This is the reason why we decided to insert a technological part into what just apparently seems to be a simple wooden base. This is how the first desk model of our collection with integrated wireless charging comes into life.

Our new desk globe “Bridge” is a bridge between past and present: a link between Zoffoli’s history and heritage and modern technological innovation. 

“Bridge” is the ideal globe for your desk, the essential element that makes it elegant and daring.

Are you ready to cross the bridge?