Cosmo... the ancient Greeks used this word to mean something harmonious, neat, beautiful. The name of this refined piece of furniture comes right from here. Its modern design, in fact, consists of a chromed iron structure minimally invasive, which brings out the clear and sober shades of the contemporary map, to give a touch of style to your environment without exceeding in the appearance.

Ideal to make your office or your living room tidy and elegant.

Perfect to furnish environments in a modern style and suitable for those with limited space.

Looking for an original gift? "Cosmo" is the perfect piece of furniture for lovers of minimal design. Give it to a beloved one and he will not forget it easily.

Antique Italy - G....

Antique Italy - G. M.Cassini 1800

These canvases are born from our passion for cartography. Historical reproductions, handcrafted to create unique and effective furnishing elements. We have made reproductions of antique prints,...
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