Discover Explora: our new bar globe that brings the journey to your home

Close your eyes, point your finger on the map and allow yourself a few moments of eagerly waiting before opening them again and discovering the destination of your next trip. Can you already imagine it? The colors of exotic lands, the cultures of faraway places, scents and flavors to be inebriated: this is the beauty of a new departure. Those who love to travel know it: your soul and your head are always looking for new places to explore.

The new Explora globe bar is the perfect choice to transform your most cherished places into a space that tells about you: whether it's your living room or your study, our new globe will tell who you are.

Let yourself be seduced by our three new exclusive colors. Olive Green, green like the Amazon rainforest, clear alpine lakes and boundless Icelandic landscapes. Old White, as white as the ice of Greenland, the salt deserts of Bolivia and the expanses of sand of the Caribbean. Honey Brown, brown like the parched earth of the Grand Canyon, the paprika from Morocco and the light of the sunset from Santorini.

Explora is the perfect globe bar to charm guests with the stories of the last places you have visited, while offering them a drink in the living room, or to imagine the next experience while sipping a glass of whiskey in your studio.

Get inspired by Explora and start your next journey now.