Urban style Globes

Inspired by industrial architecture, with large open spaces and the atmosphere of the metropolitan underground. It is a very versatile and flexible style of décor that provides a wonderful sense of cosiness.

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All components are conceived, designed, assembled and manufactured in Italy, with the same authentic spirit since 1949.
Zoffoli globes are made and decorated by hand in Italy with the greatest care, starting from the painstaking selection of the raw materials.
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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

Discover the Uniqueness of Urban Globe by Zoffoli

Immerse yourself in the elegance and sophistication that emanates from the handcrafted urban globe, a testament to the artistry of Zoffoli. Dating back to the time-honored techniques of Italo Zoffoli, each piece offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The urban globe, an embodiment of classic Italian craftsmanship, echoes the storied legacy of Zoffoli - from the bustling streets of Rome, Milan, and Florence to the iconic cityscapes of London and New York.

Every urban globe is meticulously handcrafted in Italy, starting from the careful selection of premium raw materials, mirroring the unwavering commitment to quality that Zoffoli has upheld since its inception. The charm of these globes lies in their unique handcrafted details, setting them apart as individual pieces of art, reminiscent of the same elegance that Italo Zoffoli introduced in the 1950s and 60s.

At Zoffoli, technological advancements are not an endpoint but rather a tool. These tools enhance the skill of the artisan, bringing precision to their work without compromising the heart and soul of their craft. Zoffoli urban globe showcases this harmony of technology and craftsmanship, a true embodiment of the company's dedication to artistry and innovation.

The Urban Style Globe - A Masterpiece by Zoffoli

Witness the finesse of Italian craftsmanship in the urban style globe by Zoffoli. Created with the utmost attention to detail and made from carefully selected high-grade materials, each urban style globe exemplifies the highest level of quality. This exceptional creation is not just a product; it is an emblem of Zoffoli's artisan heritage and the epitome of genuine Made in Italy.

Back to the turning wheel in 1949 when Zoffoli's founder started shaping the first wooden artefacts, Zoffoli has maintained its artisanal spirit in each urban globe. Every component is conceived, designed, assembled, and produced in Italy, the authenticity and quality of these globes echoing the same spirit that Italo Zoffoli started with in his essential lathe.

Today, Zoffoli is recognized globally, and the company's prowess in artisanal workmanship that won Italo Zoffoli the prestigious ""Il Tornio d’Oro"" in 1963 remains a central aspect of Zoffoli's production process. The urban globe is more than just an accessory; it is a piece of art, a part of history, and a symbol of Italian pride and craftsmanship.

Traditionally marked by rough surfaces, uneven colour finishes and raw, exposed materials, this urban style is openly inspired by industrial architecture and large open spaces.

It is a very versatile and flexible style, which gives the room a distinctive yet pleasing sense of cosiness. Perfect for those who like the atmosphere of the metropolitan underground and understated furnishings.

Typically, this style is defined by the use of iron, leather, rough cladding, exposed brickwork and handmade lamps. Well suited to clubs and shops, it also adapts well to the home environment, where it fits in with vintage elements, but also with a minimalist style of furniture.

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