XVI Century map Globes

Savour all the charm of the Golden Age of Cartography with this map filled with geographical references associated with the age of the great cosmographers.

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All components are conceived, designed, assembled and manufactured in Italy, with the same authentic spirit since 1949.
Zoffoli globes are made and decorated by hand in Italy with the greatest care, starting from the painstaking selection of the raw materials.
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Globe Bars


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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

Discover the Elegance of Zoffoli's 16th Century Globe Collection

Step into a world of refined craftsmanship with Zoffoli's unparalleled collection of 16th-century globes. Each globe is a testament to the Italian brand's enduring legacy, infused with the rich heritage of Italo Zoffoli's humble beginnings. These works of art, made from meticulously sourced raw materials, exude an air of sophistication that breathes life into any interior setting. Immerse yourself in Zoffoli's captivating story, beautifully told through the fine details of their 16th-century globes.

Embodying Zoffoli's commitment to traditional craftsmanship, these globes reflect the artistry that won Italo Zoffoli the prestigious ""Il tornio d’oro"" in 1963. Each piece harks back to a time when artisanship was prized above all else. But the master craftsmen of Zoffoli do not eschew modernity. Instead, they embrace the tools of the present to refine their craft further, all while keeping the artisan's touch at the heart of their creations.

Being the epitome of ""Made in Italy,"" the 16th-century globes from Zoffoli are not just products, they are treasures. Every component is conceived, designed, assembled, and produced in Italy, maintaining the spirit of genuine Italian craft that started with Italo Zoffoli's rudimentary lathe in 1949. The result is a timeless artifact, as unique as the craftsmen who pour their passion into every globe.

Experience the Uniqueness of Zoffoli's 16th Century Globe Bar

Unveiling an exclusive element of Zoffoli's creativity, the 16th Century Globe Bar is a remarkable innovation that captures the elegance of the past with a modern twist. Crafted in Italy with precision, this globe bar offers a unique combination of utility and sophistication. This unpatented masterpiece signifies Zoffoli's inventive genius and has been distinguishing the brand's style since the late 1950s. No other item of décor can rival its elegance and distinctiveness.

Like all Zoffoli products, the 16th-century globe bar emanates the authentic Made in Italy charm. The choice of exquisite raw materials, the expert artisan craftsmanship, and the sophisticated design language are all hallmarks of this brand's timeless appeal. Each globe bar, being handmade, carries with it a part of Zoffoli's rich history and is a true testament to their unwavering dedication to quality.

As we move forward, Zoffoli continues to honor its artisanal heritage while embracing modern technologies, ensuring that each product, be it a 16th-century globe or a globe bar, remains a unique piece of art. In the end, to own a Zoffoli is not just to possess a beautiful object, but to become a part of a story that began in the 1950s and continues to be written with each globe that leaves their Italian workshops.

Join the explorers who had new worlds to discover and long sea voyages to unknown lands and uncharted seas. All the allure of the ancient maps is contained in this accurate reproduction from the 1500s, defined as 'The Golden Age of Cartography' on account of the innovative contributions made by the great cosmographers of the time, including Waldseemüller, Piri Reis, Frisius and Mercator.

This map is rich in geographical references consistent with the knowledge of the time, and the interior of the globe is tastefully decorated with ancient iconography and mythological characters. A map that combines stylish, old-fashioned elegance with historical accuracy.

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