• Mappa Veduta di Turin - Torino in Tela Antica
Vue de Turin
Mappa Veduta di Turin - Torino in Tela Antica

Vue de Turin

Ces toiles sont nées de notre passion pour la cartographie. Reproductions historiques, fabriquées à la main pour créer des éléments d'ameublement uniques et d’effet Nous avons réalisé des reproductions d'estampes anciennes, de magnifiques vues en perspective de certaines villes historiques italiennes et européennes et d'anciens planisphères. Ces produits sont gravés à l'aide d'une presse à main, et reproduits sur du papier pur coton. La version aquarelle est entièrement peinte à la main par nos précieux artisans qui, avec soin et dévouement, rendent chaque reproduction unique.
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Description du produit

Seeing Turin without its characteristic Mole Antonelliana amazes. But the wonder disappears in identifying the date of realization of this admirable perspective view of Turin, published in 1750 by Georg Balthasar Probst in Augusta. In front of our eyes the river Po flows placidly, lapping the city walls and gazing at the heights of the city: we see among other things the metropolitan cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, the Civic Tower of Turin, for more than four centuries symbol of the city and demolished by the French in 1801 and the Royal Palace, Savoy residence and theater of the politics of the kingdom for at least three hundred years. 

Techniques from the 18th century have been used to reproduce this work. Finely engraved plates and an antique manual press were used giving this work its fundamental characteristic that ties it to the past: Engraving. The paper used for engraving is 100% cotton and  it undergoes a delicate and important  aging process using only natural substances.

The watercoloring is done by expert  artists in their field who give the work subtle hues and a harmonious composition of colors resulting in a pleasant scenic or stage effect.

For this reason, due to its completely handmade nature, it may take more than 30 days for the production. 

Spécifications techniques


106 x 40 cm


Papier pur coton sur toile pur coton