Zoffoli's values

The history of the Zoffoli brand and the variety of its range of products testify the commitment and the seriousness of the company in wisely preserving craft traditions by aiming for a production that is always attentive to style and to take care details.

An infinite attention to detail:
our values

We saw them in many Hollywood movies, we also admired them in sophisticated lounges of our country.

Elegant and distinct like few other furnishing elements, the bar globes were invented by Italo Zoffoli around the '50s. Therefore, we are talking about a unique product that, although not patented, has always distinguished the creativity and the style of this historical and famous brand

The expert hand of the craftsman

The Zoffoli globes are realised starting from precious and carefully selected raw materials, to ensure a high quality finished product.

Having excellent materials available is, obviously not enough, to produce exclusive products like these daily. Our real strength lies in the craftsmanship and so, in the detail-oriented job done by the expert artisans.

Genuinely made in Italy

We can therefore affirm, without any hesitation, that every single Zoffoli signed object is the son of the most authentic Made in Italy: all the components are indeed designed, assembled and produced in Italy, with the same genuine spirit with which in 1949 the founder of the company started his essential lathe to give shape to the first wooden artifacts.

The mastery in craftsmanship that in 1963 won him the prestigious award "Il tornio d'oro", followed by many others awards, therefore it isn't lost, but rather remains central in every single moment of the Zoffoli's product life.

Ancient wisdom, for globes full of charm

"There are artisans in our area who over time become synonymous of what they produce. Skilled and patients men who gain experience from their fathers and in turn pass it on to their children.

Thus, from generation to generation, suggestions, memories and ancient knowledge are handed down, which serves to make our products always authentic and full of charm. "