An internationally recognized style

In the ancient Greece the meaning of craftsmanship was guarded in the word technè, which included in one term two concepts of Art and Craftsmanship. That is what craftsmanship means to our company: it's not just about manual skills or love for details, not even just the use of precious materials.

The craftsmanship that has been pursued for years in the Zoffoli laboratories, assumes, instead, full sense, by the continuous aesthetic and stylistic research, thanks to which our products have been recognised and appreciated for years at an international level.

Il Tornio d'Oro: the beginning of a success that continues today

Our company, based in Rimini, therefore, never got away from its primitive nature: in the middle of the last century Mr. Italo Zoffoli, forefather of a family that has gradually been enriched by many expert craftmen, started a small but promising activity, by modeling the first classic globes with a modest and rudimentary lathe.

Italo's manual skill, vision and style didn't go unnoticed, so that, in 1963, his company received the important "Tornio d'Oro", wanted by the Science and Technology Museum in Milan to reward the best wood crasftsmen in the world. The judges' attention and applause were towards the one that today is still the distinctive product of the company, the bar globe, a piece of furniture that, already then, Zoffoli presented not only in the Italian showcases, but also in the international ones.

An indissoluble artisan spirit

Then as now, Zoffoli globes are realized with an extreme cure, starting from the detail-oriented selection of raw material.

To ensure the best results, one part of the production continue to be realized and decorated by hand, making every single globe a unique piece, just as the ones packaged by Italo Zoffoli in the '50s and '60s. The secret that allows our company to maintain intact our artisan spirit is to look at new technologies never as an end, nor a goal but always and in any case as if they were some extra tools, thanks to which we can further refine our art, without ever impoverishing it.

The craftsman touch remains in this way always central and so it will be for the many globes that will continue to emerge from the laboratories of this fascinating Italian company.

Now as then, unique globes

Peculiar techniques, ancient wisdom, suggestions and secrets have been handed down from father to son, to make this artifacts more and more fascinating, as well as, basically, unrepeatable.