Blue furnishing: 5 ideas to create a perfect space

When it comes to decorate a home or a professional space, it is always difficult to choose the shades: blue stands out from others, recalling the sky, the sea and many flowers and animals among the most fascinating. For this reason, it is able to evoke powerful suggestions, which change depending on the shades and the combinations used. In general, blue communicates a sense of calm and tranquility, making the environment more intimate and welcoming. It is often used in the furnishing of rooms dedicated to rest and relax, especially combined with neutral colors, such as white, ivory and grey. More original, but still refined is the combination of blue with a lively color, such as yellow.

Blue for walls and tiles 

Blue as a color of the walls allows obtaining particularly pleasant and harmonious effects. In darker shades, it is advisable to use only for one wall, or for the ceiling and one wall. The choice of a particular painting technique, such as Venetian plaster, can enhance any shade of blue, with a final effect similar to that of marble. The bathroom and kitchen are usually rooms with large tiled surfaces. These find endless possibilities in the color blue, simply by combining the different shades or choosing decorated tiles.

Blue curtains: evergreen

Blue curtains are a timeless classic, which combines well with the several styles. If the chosen shade is dark, of course the rest of the furniture should be in lighter colors, other shades of blue or different shades.

Blue furniture: a choice of style

To furnish with blue you can start from the furniture, maybe in a refined night-blue. The next choices will be decisive for the final effect. You can play it all by staying in blue tones, with a few touches of white and ivory, to have a soft atmosphere, perfect for a living room or a double bedroom.
Very interesting is also the addition of natural wood furniture, both modern and stylish. A combination that is often considered too obvious or cloying is the one with pink. In fact, the softer and dustier shades of pink are ideal for lightening and illuminating a room in blue.

Paintings in the shade of the sea

Even the paintings, no less than furnishings, contribute to create a harmonious overall in the interior decor. Paintings where the blue of the sea predominates, in all its shades, look good in any environment, even with contrasting colors.

Zoffoli Globes: charm and elegance in blue

Among the objects that complete the furniture, some more than others give at first glance personality and class to the environment: a Zoffoli globe is one of these. 

In particular, the Da Vinci bar globe stands out for its originality and elegance, worthily celebrating the genius of the great scientist Leonardo. It can also be inserted in not very large rooms, being equipped with wheels and therefore easily moved. It will not fail to amaze guests, also for its function as a bar. Its interior can in fact accommodate some bottles and glasses and the precious map is hand drawn and reflects the maps of the eighteenth century.

Another extraordinary piece of furniture is the Nettuno desk-bar globe, which in the Blue Ocean version has the predominant color blue. Unlike the previous one, it is not equipped with wheels, but is made so that it can be placed on a surface such as a table or a shelf. The northern hemisphere is decorated inside with images of the celestial constellation, while the map depicted on the outer surface is based on 16th century cartography.

Each of these globes can be the highlight of the decor of a professional studio or living room, as well as being an original idea for a surprising gift.

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