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Bridge is the latest launch on the market of Zoffoli: modern and elegant, the news in catalog able to transform the everyday life. Zoffoli globes are real furnishing elements, designed to enrich the environments and give an unmistakable and unique touch.

With the new Bridge model, we wanted to create an innovative and up-to-date product. Within the wide range of Zoffoli’s furniture-globes, Bridge is the bridge between past and future, able to conquer lovers of taste and refinement, without sacrificing modern technological innovation. 

A bridge between past and future

Bridge is the result of the wisdom of more than seventy years of activity in the sector. The latest Zoffoli’s innovation represents the sum of knowledge and techniques that allowed the company to realize over the years products of high quality and professionalism. The production techniques transform the beauty of a historical object into reality, through the skillful combination of modern and eco-sustainable materials. Thanks to constant innovation, Zoffoli has been able to improve its globes, experimenting with new printing procedures, sustainable components and water-based paints.

The Bridge globe is a bridge between the past and the future and collects the legacy of Zoffoli brand, and, at the same time, deciding to embrace the innovations in the technological field. The latest model takes the historical legacy of the brand, projecting it into the future.

Zoffoli’s awake eye on new trends and the future has led to the creation of the first desk model in the catalogue with built-in wireless charging. In the Bridge globe, the long Zoffoli tradition meets technological evolution, to satisfy those who are looking for functional solutions, but who do not want to leave the class and elegance of Made in Italy. The wooden base of the Bridge globe includes a practical wireless charging for mobile phones: a must-have element for a modern and vibrant desk.


The ideal globe for your office

The Bridge globe distinguishes itself by the walnut wood base, which apparently seems to be a base like many of our other models. Inside, however, it hides a wireless charging for devices compatible with the QI standard. To use it, simply place your smartphone on the base, starting charging. The technological element is combined with the care and attention of the Zoffoli brand.

In both models, the map is contemporary, capturing the observer’s attention. In the Black version, the black marble waters are opposed to the glacial color of the land, giving rise to a fascinating contrast.

Bridge is particularly suitable for decorating a professional’s office with taste. As many interior designers and architects know well, to furnish a professional studio, a desk and a library are not enough: details make the difference, they become a real business card, communicating seriousness and professionalism.

The Zoffoli globes are able to convey the elegance, culture and reliability of those who have decided to express themselves through an element linked to tradition. Born from a simple gesture like putting your phone on your desk as soon as you arrive in the office, Bridge is the combination of sophistication and modernity ideal to furnish the studio of a professional.

While preferring a contemporary and minimal style, the globe with integrated wireless charging is also suitable for studies with a more classic style. Opting for the Bridge model, you can enrich the environment with a piece of furniture with essential lines but great scenic impact. The chromatic agreement between walnut wood, steel and black and white cartography is able to give your office a unique aesthetic, as well as communicate seriousness and elegance.

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