Made in Italy vs. Made in China: why we still choose Italian craftsmanship

Made in Italy: what does it mean?

Consumers are making increasingly careful choices and when they decide to buy quality products, they know that only a Made in Italy label can offer this certainty. The indication given by the label is only legitimate in case of an item designed and made in Italy and has great appeal because it is an indisputable certification of its value. But what exactly does this label mean and why is it important to choose Italian craftsmanship over Chinese products?

First of all, the label certifies that the design and processing took place in Italy, in which case the product is considered 100% Italian and is therefore characterised by the quality of production and style. Both of these strengths have made our country great through artisan traditions handed down from one generation to the next. However, in order for products to bear the label guaranteeing that they come from Italy, the EU Customs Code specifies that all processing must have taken place in our country. Alternatively, it stipulates that the goods must have undergone a 'substantial' stage of manufacture (or final processing) in Italy.

Economic globalisation has created a competition that sees, on the one hand, Chinese products at low prices but also of poor quality and, on the other, products made in Italy that are indicators of values such as the creativity and craftsmanship of the artisans, as well as a unique style recognised throughout the world.

Zoffoli globes, which have been produced for over 70 years by master craftsmen, are an excellence in furniture and are certified by this label. Production is based on the craftsmanship of those who build with passion and skill using the best raw materials. Since 1949, the year in which Italo Zoffoli hand-carved globes and gave emotions that only an artist can convey, leading products have been added, such as the bar globe that has enabled the brand to obtain the coveted Tornio d'Oro award, reserved for the best wood craftsmen. All Zoffoli globes, both classic and designer, are Italian. When we talk about Zoffoli globes we mean, therefore, an entirely Italian quality but also unique pieces decorated by hand, according to the tradition started by the founder.

Zoffoli globes: a choice of quality

It is clear that choosing Italian craftsmanship means obtaining a quality product where attention to detail and elegance are evident. There are also other reasons, equally important, that push the consumer in this direction. For example, the awareness that buying an item made in Italy contributes to local production and combines quality, innovation and sustainability.

In our country, there are numerous brands that focus on innovation through production processes with which products are made for those who do not accept compromises in terms of class and quality. Buying a product made in Italy is therefore a precious help for companies that can improve by optimising both processes and products and, in doing so, make them more and more interesting in the eyes of the buyer. In addition, we must not forget that the craftsman uses materials that last over time, have a low environmental impact and acquire value over the years.

Our globes are not only refined pieces of furniture but genuine works of art: whether it is a globe for the floor or for the desk, whether it has a modern design or is characterised by classic lines, it is completely produced in Italy and can be perfectly integrated into any environment for which quality and refinement are desired.

From the turning of the columns, carried out in the carpenter's workshop, to the varnishing using environmentally friendly water-based paints, through to the manual screen-printing, all stages of production are carried out in Italy and subject to strict quality controls. The precious furnishing globes, finished and carefully packaged, are then sent to various parts of the world where they bring certified Italian excellence.

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