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Refined and timeless globes: discover Zoffoli’s Elegance line

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Our showroom is a place that visitors often call "magical". Entering it is an experience that you cannot easily forget. You approach it full of curiosity, ready to ask a thousand questions. Then the handle lowers, the door opens with a slight creaking, the leg takes a step and you remain speechless: the feeling is to enter a place where time has stopped.  In front of the eyes opens a view, which no one had imagined: a sparkling of globes of any height, size, color. The brown woods are the masters, but all around is an explosion of ochre, pink, blue, green, even black spheres. There is the Colosso, so big you can walk around it, and even a bunch of small ones on shelves and desks. There is no shelf or tile that is empty: all close, the globes fill the space to the point that it is difficult to decide what to look at. You walk ecstatic among the globes and it seems impossible to bring home only one. After all, this is the beauty of the Elegance line: the extraordinary variety of globes from which it is often difficult to choose.

How to choose a globe from the Elegance line

When it was the time to give a name to this line of globes, we had no doubts: elegance was the trait common to all, even in their thousand diversity. Our globes were born in the late 1940s, when class and elegance had a completely different flavor. It is in the wake of that refinement that this line is born. The same that made us famous all over the world: because taste and style, you know, are Italians. This is the common thread that has guided the creation of every single globe of the Elegance line: from the search for raw materials, to the choice of colors and designs, every single detail is in harmony with the others to create a wonderfully refined furnishing accessory.

Each globe of the Elegance line is a small work of art, designed for those who have made refinement its distinctive feature. The lines are clear; the colors discreet even when you choose to dare with the colors and the designs, so that each globe tells the class and the good taste of those who chose it to furnish the home or the office. How, then, to orient within this wide selection of globes?

Floor standing, desk or bar globes

Within the Elegance line there are closed globes and bar globes. The first are the classic ones, the ones we are used to see since childhood: a sphere that revolves on itself and that allows us to stop the rotation with a finger to dream the destination of the next adventure. Some are floor standing, perfect for turning any corner into a space full of attitude and personality. Others, instead, are desk globes: they can be placed on a table or a console table. It is that element of furniture that makes the difference, telling about love for travel and the taste of those who choose it.

What if I would like something more peculiar? The globe bar is what made us famous all over the world: we invented it, back in 1949. A globe only apparently like the others: but the upper hemisphere rises and reveals crystal glasses and bottles of excellent scotch inside. Do you already plan to put it on that low cabinet you have in the living room? Or would you like it to be the protagonist of the room? You can choose, also in this case, between table globe bar or floor standing ones and, in the second case, with or without cart. It is the wonder of the Elegance line: the certainty of finding the globe you have always wanted, just as you wanted. Find your favorite model, and then travel through the thousand variations, starting with the beautiful color tones to find the perfect match with your rooms.

Find the globe of your dreams: enjoy your trip in the Elegance line

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