Colosso Gold

Colosso Gold

A great luxury furnishing accessory, Colosso Gold, is perfect to embellish your home.
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Product description

Impossible to transmit the visual impact of this craft globe through images: we are talking about a sphere which measures one meter in diameter that leans on an imposing base in antique beech. The name Colosso, therefore, hasn't been chosen randomly, but to underline the important dimensions of this piece of furniture. Anyway, this exclusive wooden globe certainly does not distinguish itself only by its size. It's indeed a limited edition piece unique in the world. This shoudn't surprise you: Zoffoli, active for over sixty years, is the only company able to produce such large maps with such a level of care using artisan techniques. So, we are talking about jealously guarded processes and handed down from generation to generation, to maintain intact and to develop an inimitable and unmistakable ability. 

The structure
The structure consists of a round base, four turned columns and a large top shelf, all made through the skilful processing of antique beech. To make this item even more noble, we have decided to create this particular version of the "Colosso Gold" by covering the beech base with a gold leaf. A very luxurious furnishing accessory, Colosso Gold, with its particular map and with its sumptuous finish, is perfect to give the last and definitive touch of class to your home.

The Map
The map is a faithful reproduction of a sixteenth century map, and therefore shows the lands and coasts as they were known by the explorers and geographers of the time. To make it all the more fascinating, in addition to the indications in Latin, there are the decorations of the map, which in fact presents some beautiful sailing ships that sail the oceans.

Every single element of our globes, from the structure to the map, is completely handcrafted. Once you have placed the order, our artisans will start manufacturing your globe: it may take more than 60 days for the production. 

Technical specifications


128 × 128 × 140 cm

Globe Material

Cellulose, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

100 cm

Structure Material

Beech wood


XVI Century Map

Rotating globe sphere