Design Globes Prestige

Combining the ancient artisan art, jealously guarded from the middle of the last century, with the most modern technological solutions: this is the purpose of our design globes. The ones we offer you are geometrically perfect design objects, made using the highest quality materials: our craftsmen range from the production of briar and tanganyika to that of stainless steel, passing through that of leather and the most innovative polymers, to deliver high-quality furnishing accessories in your hands. In our laboratories are therefore produced globes of absolute impact and suggestive shapes, able to fit into the most refined environments. Our modern models are distinguished by the simplicity of their lines and the type of map proposed. As usual, every single component is conceived, designed, manufactured and assembled in our country, in the deepest respect of Made in Italy.

Cube Design Desk Globe


A highly geometric design, Cube is a piece of furniture of absolute impact and very suggestive.
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