White as silk

Minimal and bright, our Quadra globe is the essence of elegance. It gives a touch of class to any environment. The base of the white and wavy structure resembles a silk cloth. From here the stainless steel rod rises to support the sphere in white and gold tones.

Quadra - All White

Quadra - All White

A white and wavy base like silk and a gold-colored sphere create a minimalist globe of great style.
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Product description

An interior designed globe created for a refined public, lover of unique and design objects. Since the first globes realized sixty years ago by the progenitor Italo Zoffoli, our laboratories have been only using high quality materials. The result is a designed object of great character, able to superbly summarize the most modern vision of our contemporary production.

The structure

From the wavy square base like a steel silk cloth rises an elegant stainless steel rod which, moving upwards, gives lightness to the artifact and to the globe itself, which seems to rise placidly in mid-air. The modernity of the structure and materials finds a strong echo in the design of the map, essential and minimalist with the seas of white color and the emerged lands of gold, a minimal and refined combination.

The globe

Thanks to its dimensions that allow it to be placed on a desk, on a piece of furniture or on a table, this Zoffoli globe becomes more intimate and at the same time more captivating.

Technical specifications


22 × 22 × h 33 cm

Globe Material

Cellulose, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

22 cm

Structure Material



Contemporary, White/gold

Rotating globe sphere


Assembly Required


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