Warm Geometries

A contemporary and modern style make this desk globe a design object of great character and absolute geometry. The structure is beautify with warm materials such as briar and leather, in contrast with the purity of steel.

"Quadra Leather" briar base décor globe
  • "Quadra Leather" briar base décor globe
"Quadra Leather" briar base décor globe
"Quadra Leather" briar base décor globe

Quadra Leather

An object of great character, designed for those who love unique and design objects.
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Product description

An interior designed globe created for a refined public, lover of unique and design objects. Since the first globes realized sixty years ago by the progenitor Italo Zoffoli, our laboratories have been only using high quality materials. This accessory, of course, doesn't deny itself, presenting a unique mix of briar, stainless steel and tecno leather. The result is a designed object of great character, able to superbly summarize the most modern vision of our contemporary production.

The structure

From the square briar base, stands an elegant stainless steel shaft that, by leaping upwards, gives lightness to the artifact and to the globe itself, that seems to rise placidly in mid-air. The modernity of the structure and materials find an echo in the essential and minimalist map design that, thanks to the particular material used for the covering, gives unique sensations to the touch and to the sight. 

The Globe

The name "Quadra" chosen for this globe obviously refers to to the simplicity and majesty of the briar base that, with its thickness, masterfully emphasizes the globe. Everything revolves around two colors: on one side the turquoise of the emerged lands, which recalls the purity of stainless steel, and on the other side the brown of the oceans and seas, which refers to the precious briar-root. Its dimensions allow it to be placed on a desk or on a table, for this reason this Zoffoli globes becomes more intimate and, at the same time, more captivating. To reinforce this aspect there is also the choice of warm elements, such as briar and leather, to which the coldness of stainless steel stands in an exceptional contrast.

Technical specifications


22 × 22 × 33 cm

Globe Material

Leather, Polymer

Sphere Diameter

22 cm

Structure Material

Stainless steel, Briar - Root


Contemporary, Brown / Turquoise

Rotating globe sphere


Assembly Required


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