Explora - Olive Green

Explora - Olive Green

As Green as the Amazon rainforest...

COD: Z.1010.OL

Technical specifications

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White like the ice of Greenland, Green like the Amazon rainforest and Red like the parched earth of the Grand Canyon. The "Explora" globe is a journey through the colours and the atmospheres of  the places you dream. You can touch with your hands remote places and imagine being there: close your eyes, immerse yourself in the sounds and scents that surround you, in the flavors of faraway lands and cultures and let yourself be carried away...

Olive Green, Old White and Honey Brown are the 3 colour variants of this brand new Zoffoli floor-standing bar globe.

A refined object of a great style, suitable for both classic and modern environment: a furnishing item never taken for granted that offers comfort and warmth to your spaces.

A globe for those who love to dare, able to transform your home in a place that tells about you, your personality and your passions. 

Thanks to Explora you can bring your great passion for travel and exploration to your home, the place where you live every day and imaging a new and exciting adventure, even sitting comfortably on your sofa, maybe sipping a glass of your favorite whiskey.

The charm of Explora takes you back to far lands, to ancient naval routes, taking you on a wonderful journey to discover unexplored territories.

The map, full of geographical references, is a faithful reproduction of the 18th century.

Inside, the globe, is decorated with ornamental and mythological motifs, inspired by the Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica of the German-Dutch cartographer Andreas Cellarius

Like a precious chest, the globe will hold your favorite bottles of wine and spirits to serve to your guests, to share with them a relaxing drink. 

The sphere measures 40 cm in diameter; inside you can store 2/3 bottles and about 9 glasses. You can place other bottles in the lower shelf, while the upper shelf around the sphere will be a comfortable surface to prepare your drinks. 

if you are looking for an authentic piece of furniture for your home or an original gift for someone special, the bar globe Explora is the right choice: a stunning accessory able to enrich the space with a touch of eccentricity and leave astonished  those who will receive it. 


- Total dimensions: 55 × 55 × h 93 cm

- Sphere diameter: 40 cm. The internal compartment can accommodate at least 2 bottles and about 9 glasses. Additional bottles can be stored on the base.

- 18th century map

- Color: olive green

- Rotation: Northern Hemisphere

- Structure: 3 spiral legs made of beech wood, north meridian, internal bottle holder, wheels.

- Base: shows an illustration of the winds

Our advice

- Designed to give a touch of class to your living room or study

- Ideal to accompany an aperitif or after dinner with friends or work colleagues

- Perfect for decorating classic style environments, but does not exclude more modern locations

- Suitable for those who have small spaces (for greater product enhancement we suggest placing it in an area of ​​at least 75 x 75 cm)

- The Explora globe is perfect as a gift idea to amaze and not go unnoticed.


Data sheet

Dimensions 55 x 55 x h 93 cm
Globe Material Cellulose, Polymer
Sphere Diameter 40 cm
Structure Material The legs are handcrafted from solid hardwood with a chestnut stain, The shelves are from hand-painted MDF to give chestnut colour
Map XVIII century
Globe color Green
Drinks Cabinet Yes
Rotating globe sphere Yes (northern hemipshere)
Movable Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Legs 3
Type Floorstanding Bar Globes
Size Midsize



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