Planisphere Jaillot

Planisphere Jaillot

These canvases are born from our passion for cartography. Historical reproductions, handcrafted to create unique and effective furnishing elements. We have made reproductions of antique prints, wonderful perspective views of some historic Italian and European cities and ancient planispheres. These products are engraved using a hand press, and reproduced on pure cotton paper. The colour version is entirely hand painted by our precious craftsmen who, with care and dedication, make each reproduction unique.
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Product description


Hubert Jaillot – 1694

It is at the end of the 17th century that we see the birth of “NOVA ORBIS TABULA” by the illustrious  French map-maker, Hubert Jaillot. He was born in 1632 and he died in 1712. He not only set himself apart from the rest of his contemporaries because of the amount of maps produced but because of the beauty and elegance he created in the ornamental scrolls that decorated them. The planisphere or world map illustrated here was dedicated to the Duke of Borgogna and  is a stunning example. It was printed in Paris in 1694. The most striking features are the allegorical figures  found on the margins of the map.

Of course, a world map of such refined beauty could only be reproduced using the same material, methods and techniques from that period.

The technique of relief printing used for the production of this world map is the oldest expression of graphic art and it includes the use of a manual press and engraved plates. Every subject, therefore, becomes an original  and sets itself apart from the others for various yet significant differences. The image is then transferred onto 100% cotton paper furnished by an antique paper mill as were found in the period  when these works first came to life.

In order to recreate that faraway atmosphere and charm, the papers, one by one, undergo a manual aging process using only natural substances. 

Each engraving is unique in itself because no two will ever be the same.

After this step it is time for the cutting and anchoring of the paper to a pure cotton canvas which also undergoes an aging process.

The goal of the entire operation is to produce a product that allows us to replenish the original beauty and recuperate a historical-cultural value, (this through the materials used as well as the techniques). The last step, but surely not the least important, is the watercoloring done by expert artists  which gives the work a scenic polychrome effect. The artists of course keep in mind the various color shades and hues used in that faraway past and they are reproduced by the watercolors of those traditional painters and the result gives the observer the sensation of travelling back in time. 

Our canvases are printed with a hand press and are produced only to order. It takes about 7 days for black and white production and about 14 days for color production.

*Each canvas is available, with a price increase, also with watercolor coloring, always done by hand by our craftsmen.

Attention: the canvases arrive unframed.

Technical specifications


100 x 80 cm


Pure cotton paper on pure cotton canvas