Planisphere of the Celestial Globe

Planisphere of the Celestial Globe

These canvases are born from our passion for cartography. Historical reproductions, handcrafted to create unique and effective furnishing elements. We have made reproductions of antique prints, wonderful perspective views of some historic Italian and European cities and ancient planispheres. These products are engraved using a hand press, and reproduced on pure cotton paper. The canvases are also entirely hand painted by our precious craftsmen who, with care and dedication, make each reproduction unique. 
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Product description

Francesco Brunacci - 1687

The canvas that we propose to you on this page, for the object treated, is distinguished from all the collectibles exhibited here: we are not talking about a planisphere of the terrestrial globe, but rather of the "Planisphere of the celestial globe" by Francesco Brunacci. Here, in short, the emerged lands and the oceans are not represented. Object of the representation are in fact the 67 constellations in use of the seventeenth century, this work being published in 1687. Specifically, here we can identify the 48 Ptolemaic constellations, to which are added among others the 12 constellations of the southern hemisphere introduced by Keyser and Houtman. To conceive this design, Brunacci started from Bayer's Uranometria of 1603, and then took advantage of subsequent studies.

Two celestial globes, namely the Arctic and the Antarctic, accompanied by a series of scrolls showing the necessary information to better interpret the print. To give further elegance to the work, the classic representation of putti above the clouds, as well as - moving away from the habit of accompanying the planispheres with allegorical images - the representation of astronomers at work. This extremely faithful reproduction is made up of 8 single sheets which, like the original, have been mounted on canvas, so as to facilitate their transport and storage. Both the paper and the canvas are 100% pure cotton. A manual press was used for printing, to give the collector the fascinating tactile sensation that only engravings can give. To support the aging, then, is the intelligent use of special.

Our canvases are printed with a hand press and are produced only to order. It takes about 7 days for black and white production and about 14 days for color production.

*Each canvas is available, with a price increase, also with watercolor coloring, always done by hand by our craftsmen

Attention: the canvases arrive unframed.

Technical specifications


92 x 55 cm


Pure cotton paper on pure cotton canvas