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2022 office decor trends

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2022 is full of new trends for furniture, both for home and for the office. A space in which you often spend most of your time, the office must be furnished with care: while in the past it was considered a mere workplace, today more attention is paid to its furniture and accessories to use. The aspect of the environment of a studio, in fact, plays a relevant role in the image that is given to the professionals who work there.

Styles and color for 2022 office


Among the most important aspects to consider in the decor of an office, the choice of colors stands out, which, as already widely emphasized by psychology, are able to influence the mood and human perceptions.

Among the 2022 trends in terms of colors, neutral tones make room. The natural colors convey a relaxing mood, making the employees organized and preserving their motivation. Olive green is an excellent option for walls and office furnishings, constituting an anti-stress and, at the same time, an energizing shade. The soft beige is a valid alternative, well combined with a minimalist space. It can also be used as a backdrop for more daring furnishing elements.

Always in the field of color trends, blue is ideal for creating a peaceful environment: among other properties, this shade conveys security not only to employees, but also to potential customers. For those who want to make a bold stylistic choice, you can opt for yellow: energetic and positive, it will bring a new vigor inside the office, but be careful, as it could serve as an element of distraction.

As for the styles to furnish your office, the classic one is an evergreen. Consolidated and authoritative, the classic style represents a kind of status, transmitting safety and reliability. Modern style prefers the absence of closed doors and high walls: in this case, it is preferable to choose not too sharp partitions, in order to ensure the functionality of the place. In modern style, the materials are state-of-the-art and oriented towards industrial design.

As a latest trend of 2022, the loft style stands out. Creative and particular, it lends itself to offices of graphic designers, designers, architects and the like. The style prefers open spaces and gives wide space to the creativity of workers. The downside is the fact that, being an informal aesthetic choice, it is not suitable for all companies.

Whatever is the style trend of 2022, it is important to maintain homogeneity and consistency between the various components of the office.

Office decor: Zoffoli globes


Office furniture must be carefully selected to match the furniture and create a sense of stylistic uniformity. Among the furnishing elements that adapt well to any style, Zoffoli furniture globes stand out. The wide catalogue of the company, in fact, offers a variety of products that are well suited to the style of any environment, classic, modern or industrial. 

For modern offices, you can opt for Bridge Black, an elegant desk globe with built-in wireless mobile phone charging. As well as class, is the globe Quadra that, available in different variants, in the Leather version is characterized by warm colors, making intimate the working environment.

Among the classic-style globes, Vertigo also stands out: the slender solid wood structure serves as a base for the globe in neutral, linear colors and light materials, also lends itself to a minimalist style office.

Despite the various stylistic imprints of the products, it is the artisanship and the guarantee of Made in Italy to act as a common thread between the different collections of globes. The care of the brand, the continuous drive towards innovation and quality of materials have made Zoffoli one of the leading companies in the sector.

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