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Brown furnishing: inspirations and ideas

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When you think about the colours suitable for a traditional style, brown is the first shade to come to mind. In fact, brown is often associated with everything that is traditional and vintage, it is the colour of the earth, a shade that infuses warmth and harmony with a touch of delicate elegance.

In fact, brown is a colour that can also be used for a more modern furniture, just think for example of the industrial style in which the brown of wood is combined with dark metal details. In other cases, however, brown can be combined with cold colours to create pleasant contrasts, also playing with the materials.

How to match brown?

Before offering some ideas to match the brown, it is interesting to discover how this colour is born. Brown is obtained from the mixture of the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue, and depending on the proportions of primary colours used you can get a wide range of shades, from beige to dark brown head. 

Being a colour often associated with the earth, brown refers psychologically to nature and therefore to something genuine, quiet and that infuses a sense of protection. Furnishing with brown means therefore transforming the house into an intimate, comfortable and safe space.

But in which rooms of the house is it advisable to use brown? Actually, this shade is quite versatile and can be used both for furniture and for walls. The rooms where you can use brown are not limited to the living room and kitchen, but range up to the bedroom. 

Depending on the type of furniture chosen you can then select the colour of the walls: in a room with modern furniture in light tones is preferable to use dark brown, such as chocolate brown, for the walls, while on the contrary, in a room with classic furniture the walls should be of a lighter shade of brown, like beige. The choice of colours to match brown is also quite varied and includes white, black, blue and grey. 

Brown living room: what furnishing elements to choose

Furniture and walls are not the only elements available to furnish with brown colour because it is important to consider also the accessories. The furnishing accessories allow to give the environments the desired touch of colour without weighing down the space and are the ideal solution to experiment before going into a real project of renovation and change of rooms. 

Just like furniture, also furniture accessories are among the most disparate: pillows, carpets, paintings, mirrors and lamps are just some of the brown details that can be added in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. 

If you prefer a classic and elegant style, especially regarding the furniture of the living room or studio, one of the most appropriate choices remain the Zoffoli globes.

Zoffoli Globe: the charm of brown colour

Zoffoli globes are characterized by a careful design in the smallest details, as result of an all-Italian craftsmanship; they are the ideal solution for those who want to decorate their home using brown. The globes are available in different models, for table, desk and floor, and some models can be used as a real treasure chest to store bottles of liquor and wine to be enjoyed alone or in the company of guests.

This is the case of the Explora - Honey Brown and Minerva models, with a  base in beech wood and a sphere of 40 cm in diameter to store bottles and glasses; also the Nettuno model can be used for the same purpose, but it is specifically a table model. The Vertigo and Quadra Leather models, on the other hand, are precious design objects that combine a classic and refined style with modern and innovative materials such as stainless steel and techno-leather.

When choosing the globe will therefore be essential to consider the shades of the room in which you want to place it, the size and the most functional design: whatever the choice is, a piece of craftsmanship of such value will fit perfectly into the decor and will amaze guests!

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