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Italy told through ancient canvas: Florence

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Florence: city of art with a huge charm that, over the years, has kept unchanged its majesty of the past. Here Humanism and Renaissance interlace in a flow of emotions that historical buildings and architectural elements evoke. If its streets could speak, they would tell us about the painters, the sculptors and the artists who made Florence the treasure chest we know today.
This wonderful city supervise some of the most important historical treasures, the cradle of the Renaissance, as well as the home for more than 300 years of the Medici family, but especially the birthplace of famous people such as Dante, Boccaccio and Galileo Galilei.
One of the six symbols of Florence is Ponte Vecchio. On both sides of the bridge, you can get lost among the endless shops and shops windows full of fine jewelry. Ponte Vecchio crosses another symbol of the city: the Arno River. Like all river cities, the Florentine capital owes much to its river, with which it has a relationship of love and hatred.  Love was born in Roman times when Julius Caesar decided to build a city on the banks of the Arno. The Romans used the river to wash clothes, water animals, wash and fish. In addition to working activities, the Arno also offered leisure activities, such as bathing facilities. Instead, the conflict with the river is due to the many floods that have occurred over the centuries.

What leaves you breathless in Florence is Piazza Duomo with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. While you visit this magical city and explore the Florentine alleys full of shops suddenly stands out the huge dome of Brunelleschi (the largest dome ever built) which is precisely that of the cathedral. Its majesty is breathtaking. It is so great that at the time of the Grand Duchy it was told that its shadow covered all of Tuscany.

In front of the cathedral stands the imposing Baptistery of San Giovanni all covered with white and green marble. At its side, however, the Bell Tower of Giotto, one of the best examples of the Florentine Gothic, also covered with white, green and red marble, is 85 meters high and from its top, you can see all the historic center of Florence.

The heart of the city is Piazza della Signoria with a gallery of sculptural masterpieces in the Loggia dei Lanzi and the nearby Uffizi Gallery, one of the most famous art museums in the world.

View of Florence printed on canvas

In the realization of our products, we have always focused on the creation of unique and elegant furnishing elements. The attention to detail is the common thread that unites all our creations. In addition to globes, we also create refined canvases: elegant views of a selection of Italian and European cities. Among the models, therefore we could not fail to pay tribute to the wonderful city of Florence, for this reason we decided to reproduce on cotton paper the perspective view of Florence by Johann Friedrich Probst (1700).

Our expert artisans with great care and attention carry out the printing of the view. By zinc plates and a hand press, the products obtain one of their main and unmistakable qualities: engraving.

The whole is embellished by the use of pure cotton paper and is combined with the mounting on pure cotton canvas.

At the center of the press, stands the magnificent Cathedral of Florence with the immense dome of Brunelleschi that immediately captures attention. A little further on you can see, unmistakable and extremely accurate, the silhouette of Palazzo Vecchio and the many bell towers and domes that populate this view of eighteenth-century Florence.

You can visit the entire historical center of the city by staying comfortably in your own living room. From a first look at the press, you can find all the most famous and touristic points of interest in Florence. At the bottom of the canvas, there is a detailed legend, which helps us to understand if we have recognized all the buildings, and monuments we have heard so much about.

The view of Florence, like all our canvases, can be produced either in black and white or in color. Our artists make completely by hand the latter with watercolor. With the color, the representation the city comes alive, through the blue skies and the red roofs of the buildings will seem to get lost in the streets and admire the beauty of the city.

If you are looking for a unique, refined and striking piece of furniture, our perspective views of Italian cities are ideal. Made with care and artisanship, they offer your rooms a touch of timeless refinement.

Are you curious to know which other cities views we decided to create? Visit the dedicated page.

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