View of Florence

View of Florence

View of Florence  Author: Probst Dimensions: 106x40 cm
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Product description

A refined trait, an excellent perspective mastery, a boundless attention to detail. These are the specific features of the designer Friedrich Bernhard Werner, and they are all recognizable in this perspective view of Florence. At the center of the canvas stands the Duomo of Florence, with Brunelleschi’s huge dome that immediately catch the attention; not to mention the unmistakable "Palazzo Vecchio" visible on the right. This canva, which is based as anticipated on Werner's drawing, was originally published by the Bavarian publisher Probst, who over the years has distributed stunning views of the main European cities. All these works, corresponding to the German taste of the time that tends to emphasize the heights, form a huge mosaic of eighteenth-century Europe, and represent products of great artistic and cultural value. Hence the desire to re-propose them as close as possible to the original. To achieve this goal it was therefore decided to use an old manual press for printing. Like Probst's authentic prints, here too we have 4 separate sheets - to facilitate storage and transport - 100% cotton, mounted on a canvas of the same material.

Our canvases are printed with a hand-press. For this reason, due to their completely handmade nature, it may take more than 10 days for the product to be produced. Each canvas is also available with watercolor coloring by hand.

Technical specifications


106 x 40 cm