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Vulcano: the new vintage Bar Globe with an explosive style

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The link between man and nature has been complex and ambivalent since ancient times. Nature's ferocity has always been a source of inspiration with an imposing charm for man. Danger has always seduced human beings who, in their madness, have long believed they could control the force of the universe.

But there are phenomena that not even the brightest minds can manage. When nature explodes with all its might, one can only cower on the side-lines and watch.

Faced with the explosion of a volcano, the human being crumbles and silently observes this mysterious, fascinating phenomenon.

Vulcano: the Bar Globe inspired by the wild wonder of nature

To create the new Vulcano bar globe we were inspired by this wonderful natural event that both frightens and intrigues man at the same time. We drew inspiration for the colours but above all for the nature of the bar globe: it holds our oldest secrets inside.

Its support structure is dark and ominous: its legs in beech wood and painted in matt black recall the base of a volcano. Up to the top, to the explosion of brightness in the sphere of the globe: the vintage-style map is a burst of magmatic, bright and lively colours.

This is where our creativity exploded to stimulate the imagination of its viewers: mythological fascination and curiosity for ancient symbolism combined with the love for cartography.

Let yourself be carried away by our Vintage Map on this wonderful journey to discover unexplored territories made of ancient routes to discover and wind roses indicating the route to follow. Sea monsters and mermaids will show you the blurred boundary between mythology and reality.

A secret to keep

Like all volcanoes, also ours holds a secret: hidden in the heart of this imposing structure. Lifting its lid will be like opening a door that will allow you and your guests to enter a world made of mystery, wild nature and puzzles to discover.

Unveil this universe revealing your precious drinks. On a cold, dark and gloomy night, amaze your guests by serving them a good Irish whisky or an American bourbon. Stimulate their senses for a truly special and unforgettable evening.

A volcano, endless explosions

Lifting the lid of your new Vulcano bar globe will be like witnessing a real volcano's magnificent eruption.

Add a real design element to your living room. Ideal for a classic style environment but also interesting in a more modern context, it also adapts to small spaces, but stands out naturally in larger places as a real volcano needs space to exhibit its majesty.

What are you waiting for? Take home a real explosion of emotions!

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