Raven-black floor standing bar globe with a map in warm and bright tones



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There is an event that, since the dawn of time, has fascinated the human being: something that leaves us breathless as it did our ancestors, the ancestors of our ancestors, when the first men appeared on earth. Something that seduces as only the charm of danger can do: a mixture of attraction and fear, amazement in front of the power and destructive force of nature. Once in a while, in the deep darkness of the blackest nights, a roar precedes a violent outbreak: suddenly, a volcano erupts in an explosion of red and orange lava, illuminating the sky and drawing the world's attention to itself.

Inspired by the colors and power of one of nature's most fascinating spectacles, Vulcano is our new bar globe with a dark and leaden structure. The turned beech wood and the MDF shelves have a jet black matt varnish, like the color of the most beautiful lava stones. Dark and enigmatic, the compass rose design on the base further enhances the chromatic contrast.

A gloomy appearance that, like the volcanoes to which it is inspired, reveals all its spectacle in the sphere: a roar of energy and brightness on the warm tones of the most exciting eruptions. The vintage map is an explosion of bright and lively magmatic colors that will leave you breathless. But that's not all: dark and mysterious, volcanoes have always risen proud and inscrutable and guard a secret that burns relentlessly. Likewise, the most precious secret of the Vulcano globe bar lies inside it: the sphere rises and reveals a spectacle of crystals and liqueurs. Select your favorites to enjoy a different drink than usual, able to warm body and soul, like incandescent lava.

Bring the magnificence of a Volcano into your home: leave your guests ecstatic, surprise them with a black globe with an enigmatic charm, with the brightest sphere that exists. Warm up your environment with a powerful and extraordinary show.


- Dimensions: 51 × 51 × h 92 cm

- Sphere diameter: 42 cm. Inside the sphere you can place  2 or 3 bottles and up to 9 glasses. Additional bottles can be placed in the lower base.

- Vintage map

- Structure: 3 legs made of matt black painted beech wood, north meridian, internal bottle holder grid, 3 wheels, north hemisphere rotation

- colour: black 

Our suggestions

- Designed to give a touch of class to your living room or office

- Ideal to accompany an aperitif or after dinner with friends or work colleagues

- Perfect for decorating both modern and classic style environments

- Suitable for those who have limited spaces (for a greater enhancement of the product we suggest placing it in a space of at least 70 x 70cm)

- The Vulcano globe is also perfect as a gift idea to amaze and not go unnoticed.


In this vintage styled map, imagination comes to life… A fascinating journey begins, one that combines the charm for maps, mythological illustrations and ancient symbolism. The planispheres realised with our Vintage Map will accompany you in this wonderful journey to the discovery of unexplored territories, with ancient sea routes, wind roses, sea monsters and mermaids. Reality and fantasy come together to create an horizon full of suggestions. A journey between space and time reserved for modern Argonauts thirsting for adventures.


Data sheet

Dimensions 51 × 51 × h 92 cm
Globe Material Cellulose, Polymer
Sphere Diameter 42 cm
Structure Material Shelves in hand-painted MDF, turned beech wood
Map Vintage
Globe color Black
Drinks Cabinet Yes
Rotating globe sphere Yes (northern hemipshere)
Movable Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Legs 3
Type Floorstanding Bar Globes
Size Midsize



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