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All components are conceived, designed, assembled and manufactured in Italy, with the same authentic spirit since 1949.
Zoffoli globes are made and decorated by hand in Italy with the greatest care, starting from the painstaking selection of the raw materials.
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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

Discover the Exquisite World of Zoffoli Desk Globes

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Zoffoli, where dedication meets craftsmanship in creating the most exquisite Desk Globes. Born from the hands of skilled Italian artisans, Zoffoli desk globes are a tangible expression of elegance and refined taste. Each globe is an authentic piece of art, meticulously handcrafted from carefully selected materials to ensure the highest quality. They encapsulate an enduring legacy, from the humble lathe of founder Italo Zoffoli to the modern workshop of grandson Mattia.

The history of Zoffoli is deeply intertwined with its unique desk globes. This journey of passion and tenacity has left its imprint on each creation, evoking the spirit of old-world craftsmanship while embracing new technologies. These fine globes are a testament to the brand's resilience and inventiveness, which allowed them to transition from local boutiques in Rome, Milan, and Florence, to esteemed international storefronts in London and New York.

Each Zoffoli desk globe is not merely an object, but a fascinating story that takes you from the workshops of an acclaimed Italian enterprise to your home or office. Intricately hand-decorated, these globes retain the central touch of the artisan, making each one a unique piece that echoes the authenticity of the products made by Italo Zoffoli in the 1950s and 60s.

Embrace the Charm of Globe Desk Masterpieces

Zoffoli's Globe Desk creations capture the essence of the brand's craftsmanship ethos, masterfully blending function and art. Crafted from the finest materials, they stand as a signature item, distinguishing the renowned Zoffoli brand since the 1950s. They symbolize an unparalleled commitment to artisanship and innovation, all while preserving the genuine spirit of the Made in Italy label.

These Globe Desk masterpieces are born from the hands of expert craftsmen and embody a rich tradition of artisanal manufacturing. This dedication to the craft has won Zoffoli numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious “Il tornio d’oro” in 1963, confirming the brand's expertise in the art of globe-making.

The Globe Desk collection encapsulates Zoffoli's commitment to perfection and its drive for creating the finest globes. As unique conversation starters, these globes will undoubtedly lend an air of sophistication and a sense of worldly charm to any setting. They represent a timeless choice, a blend of tradition and innovation that continues to shine brightly in the world of high-quality home and office décor.

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