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For those who love a more fantastical style. This vintage map will take you on an incredible adventure through ancient symbolism and mythological figures.

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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

Unearth the Charm of Globe Map Vintage from Zoffoli

Step into the world of authentic elegance with Zoffoli's Globe Map Vintage collection. Our vintage globes, meticulously crafted in Italy, take you on a journey through time, capturing the essence of centuries-old cartography. Imbued with artisanal precision and a meticulous selection of raw materials, every globe map vintage piece is not just a geographical representation, but a testament to Zoffoli's longstanding tradition of craftsmanship.

From the workshops that bore the first globe map vintage pieces under the guidance of Italo Zoffoli to their grand showcases in Rome, Milan, Florence, London, and New York, each piece carries a rich narrative. The meticulous process, largely untouched by time, involves hand-decorating each piece to ensure its uniqueness— reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s when Italo Zoffoli first presented these majestic pieces.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or an enthusiastic newcomer, Zoffoli's Globe Map Vintage collection promises more than just an exquisite addition to your decor. Each globe tells a story, inviting you to trace your fingertips over the carefully drawn territories, revealing a perfect blend of tradition and technology that Zoffoli has mastered over the years.

Discover the Authentic Vintage Globe Map by Zoffoli

Our Vintage Globe Map collection isn't just about aesthetic appeal; it's an ode to the genuine craftsmanship that our brand embodies. Built from hand-picked premium materials, every vintage globe map from Zoffoli is a symbol of the 'Made in Italy' spirit. From the idea's conception to the final assembly, each component narrates a tale of expert artisans shaping their passion into reality, bringing you an exclusive part of Italian history.

The magic of our vintage globe map lies in the balance we maintain between artisanal heritage and modern technological advances. We view technology as a tool to further enhance our art rather than a replacement. This ensures that the essence of Zoffoli's craftsmanship remains at the core of our globes, as vibrant today as it was at the start.

Be a part of Zoffoli's journey, which started with Italo's humble lathe and has evolved into a renowned brand without losing its soul. It's not just about owning a vintage globe map; it's about experiencing a slice of history, the passion, and the tenacity encapsulated in these elegant globes. A Zoffoli globe map vintage piece is more than a statement piece; it's a legacy handed over to you.

In this vintage-style map, the imagination comes to life... Embark on a fascinating journey that brings together a passion for maps, mythological figures and ancient symbolism. The planispheres produced using our Vintage Map will guide you on an amazing voyage of discovery through uncharted territory, made up of ancient sea routes, wind roses, sea monsters and mermaids. Reality and fantasy come together to create a fascinating and evocative horizon. A journey through space and time reserved for modern-day argonauts, thirsty for adventure.

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