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What’s inside a bar globe?

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The bar globe is an elegant piece of furniture that was born in Italy from the meeting of mastery and passion. Italo Zoffoli, founder of the Company, in the 50s and 60s created the first hand-painted models, which can arrange glasses and bottles with elegance.

The aesthetic impact of these globes is amazing thanks to the iconic beauty of the precious and refined details that make each masterpiece unique. In 1963, Italo Zoffoli received the coveted recognition of the Golden Lathe from the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan for the bar globes, now protagonists in prestigious homes.

Not just bottles and glasses

Just say that the bar globe contains the necessary for an aperitif or a toast with friends does not do justice to a globe of great charm that today is able to combine artisanship with elegance. The moment a globe opens, the attention is not caught by the crystal bottles and glasses but by the enchanting interior decorations.

It seems impossible, in fact, to look away from the beautiful paintings that tell of distant worlds and dangerous maritime routes, but also of the mystery of the celestial constellations that already in the times of the Phoenicians allowed navigators and explorers to orient themselves. These decorations are born from by an authentic passion, in which mythological characters and ancient symbols find space, but also zodiac signs and constellations.

Inside the bar globes, therefore, not only the refinement of valuable bottles and glasses but the signs of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The Babylonians used the zodiac signs in the 4th century BC to formulate omens. The inspiration that made it possible to create the zodiac signs has turned into a refined decoration that never ceases to enchant and has expanded the range of striking designs in the Zoffoli catalog. Many inspirations, therefore, for many refined decorations so anyone can find the bar globe with the themes that fascinate him.

To become a reality, inspiration has passed through a plan of realization that includes drafting and the study of materials, followed by carpentry and pantographic drawings. The final phase is that of painting, meticulous work carried out to perfection with water-based products that protect the globe and, at the same time, respect the environment.

The steps take place under the careful supervision of the artisans who represent a benefit strongly desired by the brand and never failed over the years. The Company, in fact, over time has introduced new technologies but has never renounced the artisanship of the workmanship while maintaining the value and prestige of its luxury products.

Bar globes: timeless elegance

All the Zoffoli globes are characterized by an elegance that only the luxury object made with prestigious materials can have. The raw materials used are the best on the market and over time acquire an ever-increasing value. The bar globes, as well as the other globes, are prestigious furniture elements made in Italy and decorated by hand, as happened 70 years ago.

Unique and inimitable they develop through a suggestive idea and are precious because they are realized with care and competence. Above all, they are the result of the passion and dedication that Italo Zoffoli has passed to his children and grandchildren.

Ancient knowledge has not been lost but preserved and put into action through the care of the finest. Timeless elements of furniture and rich in style cannot miss in the homes with cultural connotations where they are perfectly inserted both in the most classic and modern environments.

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