5 design globes to furnish offices with elegance and style

Numerous architects and interior designers know that to furnish a professional's studio or office, you are not merely choosing a desk, chest of drawers and bookcase, but that details make the difference. The environment's style and attention to detail become the real business card because they can communicate professionalism and credibility.

Therefore, classy furnishing elements, that convey the warmth that only craftsmanship can give, are of enormous importance. The globe is an elegant item of furniture that reveals the personality of those who work in that studio and of the quality choices that characterise them because they have favoured an object linked to tradition made sustainably.


Furnishing a study: which globes to choose?


Zoffoli's vast experience shines through in the quality of the wood, the perfect geographical reproductions and the style of globes but, above all, behind these elements of excellence, there is a great passion. Our passion, handed down through the generations, has transformed skilful manual skills into art. This is why by choosing Zoffoli globes it becomes easy to furnish even a more demanding environment, especially if the choice falls on the Prestige line.

Bridge is a highly elegant globe with a contemporary map where the sphere is supported by a modern steel rod. The map colours have refined azure and blue shades that fascinate the observer, but the novelty lies in the walnut base that allows wireless charging of the mobile phone.

Equally refined and classy is the Quadra globe, a refined design object to be placed in a modern setting. Available in the Leather, All Black and All White versions, it is characterised by a white, black marble or briar base and a refined steel rod that supports the globe. The warm materials such as the briar and the techno-leather of the sphere make the environment where the Quadra Leather globe is inserted intimate, also thanks to the map colours that range from the brown of the oceans to the blue of the earth.

On the other hand, selecting the Quadra All Black globe you can have an elegant globe with a black marble base, the colour that is used for the seas on this suggestive map. The Quadra All White globe is also full of charm, where the brilliance of the globe is emphasised by the white of the seas and the gold of the earth. They are all globes capable of furnishing an elegant desk and an intimate setting with rare effectiveness.

 If the studio has significant dimensions, Vertigo or Supernova can be tried.

Vertigo gives the emotion of a slender structure, made of solid walnut, which supports the globe embellished by the updated map. Perfect in a large environment where neutral colours, minimal shapes and light materials prevail, it satisfies any furnishing need.

Supernova instead recalls a spectacular stellar explosion where energy is the dominant element: the Carrara marble base and the brass rod at the end of which the globe is positioned, give life to a contemporary design object.

As the fifth globe for the professional's studio, one needs to mention the original and beautiful Artico White, an artistic creation where the luminous acrylic crystal structure impresses the observer to whom the globe appears suspended in the air.


Zoffoli globes: craftsmanship and Made in Italy


The prestige enjoyed by the brand is the result of countless years of work where professionalism has always been our strength. The scrupulous attention paid to the selection of materials accompanied by craftsmanship has produced numerous highly valued globes, which are present in authoritative studios and homes both in Italy and abroad.

To these characteristics, we should add that all the prestigious furnishing elements have been produced in Italy since 1949 and many have won awards of the highest level. Zoffoli globes are authentic Made in Italy pieces, that owe their charm to an ancient mastery and wisdom capable of creating unique items that always manage to amaze.

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