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Give a globe: how to choose the right one?

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Christmas is a magical and long-awaited event. It is a precious occasion of conviviality, which is expressed both with the sharing of moments of celebration and with the exchange of gifts and thoughts.

For those looking for a unique and original gift, able to survive time and the rapid succession of trends, a design globe is a perfect idea: more accurate and intuitive than a map, it is not just a welcome present for lovers of travel. Elegant and of great value, it becomes a real piece of furniture, a work of art to be exhibited and shown to the guests. The important thing is to go for the right model, examining the tastes of the recipient and the context, in terms of furniture and space, in which the globe will find its place.

To each person his globe

In order to choose better the perfect globe, it is good to focus on the individual characteristics of those who will receive the gift. For people with a strong and enterprising attitude, the Prestige line design globes are ideal: geometrically attractive and with a strong visual impact, they creatively combine the warmth of wood with the minimalism of stainless steel, the elegance of leather to the essentiality of the last generation polymers.

If the recipient of the gift has a vintage and romantic soul, it is preferable to focus on the Zoffoli globes with a classic style: with a strong prevalence of sober tones, precious woods and golden details inspired by baroque, are elements that can amaze and fascinate the eternal nostalgic. For the youngest, a great alternative are the didactic globes, such as the James Cook model. More detailed and with a greater number of geographical references, they are a means to understand and know the world, feeding, at the same time, the dream of the journey and the discovery of lands still unexplored.

Zoffoli globes: At home or in the office?

Since it is a gift, it is not always possible to determine in advance, what will be the actual location of the globe. However, when you know the spaces available to the recipient, it is good practice to consider them and choose a globe suitable to your needs. 

If you can take advantage of large plans, the bar or floor standing globes are a winning choice. For smaller environments, a desk globe is preferable, which can be placed on a desk, a shelf or a library. In addition to the width of the room, the type of environment for which the globe is destined should also be considered.

If it will furnish a studio or an office, the suggestion is to focus on essential and slender models. A valid option is the Supernova globe: with its marble base and graceful brass rod, which firmly supports the globe, it is perfect to complete with a touch of class the most modern and refined furnishings.

The Vasco da Gama globe, which rests on a sturdy beech wood support and soars to the sky for 115 cm, is also an ideal item for the office. Available in black, white, light blue and apricot shades, it adapts to a wide variety of furnishings and finishes.

If the globe will furnish a house, it is preferable to focus on more sophisticated and elaborate models, designed to entertain and amaze guests. This category includes the globe bars, real treasure chests that house crystal glasses and precious bottles. Models such as Giasone, with oval tray and base painted with natural water-based colors, and the majestic Afrodite, embellished with gold leaf decorations applied by hand, are ideal to accompany an aperitif with friends or as the perfect conclusion to a memorable dinner.

Choosing the Zoffoli globes means celebrating the craftsmanship of Made in Italy, collecting iconic and unique pieces. From the refined Elegance line to the luxury proposals of the Prestige collection, it is possible to draw on a wide range of bar, floor and desk globes: the offer is rich and eclectic, ready to meet every single stylistic and functional need!



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