Globes for the Office

The office is where we spend most of our days, so it’s important that we feel comfortable and relaxed there. The addition of a Zoffoli globe lends this important room a timeless charm that will continue to brighten up yours and everyone else’s day.

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All components are conceived, designed, assembled and manufactured in Italy, with the same authentic spirit since 1949.
Zoffoli globes are made and decorated by hand in Italy with the greatest care, starting from the painstaking selection of the raw materials.
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A journey between antique and modern with Zoffoli globes

Made in Italy quality, innovation and design meet to satisfy the most demanding

Lines measuring the world, maps taking your imagination far away, ancient navigation routes and dreamy places… our mission is to offer you all of this, making you discover a world without boundaries. Join us in this extraordinary journey!

Exquisite Globe for Office - A Symbol of Prestige and Elegance

Welcome to the finest selection of Zoffoli's office globes. A vivid symbol of our enduring tradition and unmatched craftsmanship, each globe we produce embodies passion, tenacity, and a history of excellence that stretches back to our roots. Crafted in Italy, our globes for office are as unique as they are distinguished, created from the most meticulously selected materials, each piece narrates a story of Zoffoli's unparalleled artisanal spirit.

Experience the elegance and sophistication of Zoffoli's office globes, a testament to the heritage of founder Italo Zoffoli's rudimentary lathe to grandson Mattia's modern workshop. With the same fervor, the Zoffoli legacy continues to permeate the ambiance of your office, infusing it with a blend of tradition and modernity. Each globe for office, bearing the Zoffoli name, is indeed a masterpiece, painstakingly handcrafted and finished to perfection.

With each Zoffoli globe, you are not just acquiring an ornament but also a piece of history. Unchanged since the 1950s and 1960s, our globe making process maintains the touch of the craftsman at its core. Using new technologies as mere tools to hone our craft, we ensure that our globes retain their individualistic charm, adding a touch of refinement to your office.

Uniquely Crafted Globe for Office Desk

Enhance your office desk with Zoffoli's expertly designed globes. Exuding a unique blend of creativity and style, our globe for office desk is more than just a decoration. It's an emblem of craftsmanship that is as distinctive as the storied Zoffoli brand. Impeccably fashioned from the finest materials, each globe is an example of the authentic Made in Italy ethos that defines our brand.

The globe for office desk is a manifestation of Zoffoli's celebrated artisanship. Carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, these globes exhibit our unwavering commitment to quality and the continuance of a tradition that won Italo Zoffoli the prestigious ""Il tornio d’oro"" award in 1963. Much like their larger counterparts, these globes carry forward the Zoffoli legacy, adding a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Choosing a Zoffoli globe is choosing timeless elegance and craftsmanship. From Rome, Milan, Florence, to London and New York, our globes have graced the finest establishments and continue to do so. With the assurance of unparalleled craftsmanship and a piece of Italian history on your office desk, the Zoffoli experience is indeed, inimitable.

The way we furnish our office has an impact on our daily productivity and the quality of the work we do in it. It is not just a matter of placing a few items of furniture here and there, it should be something more...

Furnishing an office is not easy and requires the ability to balance comfort and cosiness, with elegance and formality, as an office needs to give the right impression to all who visit it.  

So, next to the family photo on the desk and the statement painting on the wall, why not add an even more coveted piece of furniture like a globe? Our catalogue offers a wide choice that will allow you to transform your office into the most stylish of them all, making your colleagues want one too.

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