Italy by Matteo Greuter - small version

Italy by Matteo Greuter - small version

Italia revista et augmentata di molti luoghi principali (Epoca 1657) Small Version
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Product description

Discovering Matteo Greuter's Italy - small version

To pay tribute to this striking and surprisingly faithful antique print, Matteo Greuter's map of Italy was reproduced on 100% pure cotton paper, using not an ordinary digital printing machine, but rather an old manual press. A further note is to be spent on the particular support: the paper, in fact, was found at a historic paper mill, which was already active in the seventeenth century, when Stefano Mozzo Scolari printed this fascinating map for the first time. To embellish the whole, vegetable substances have been used for aging, so as to make the majesty that it deserves work.

The experts have no doubts in affirming that "Italia revista et augmentata di molti luoghi principali " is among the best and most suggestive examples of cartographic representation of our peninsula, produced in a very limited number of specimens. Today you have the opportunity to get hold of a handcrafted and very faithful replica of this precious geographical work.

Our canvases are printed with a hand-press. For this reason, due to their completely handmade nature, it may take more than 30 days for the product to be produced. Each canvas is also available with watercolor coloring by hand.

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